China Moutai. A Toast To The World.

Moutai is known as “the national liquor of China”. The luxurious aromas of this distilled spirit is waiting for you to be discovered.

Moutai South Africa

Tec Turbo Import & Export Trading CC is the official distributor of Moutai products in South Africa. The only avenue to purchase authentic Moutai products overseas is through a certified distributor.


History of the drink

Moutai is one of the top three most well-known distilled spirit brands in the world. This prestigious liquor is famous, not only in China, but in many countries and regions around the globe.

As its name suggests, Moutai liquor is locally produced in a town called Moutai in Guizhou province. Three local ingredients are used in the making of this ancient spirit: Glutinous Sorghum, High Quality Wheat, and Pristine Water.

Boasting in a favourable natural environment, it has been meticulously brewed with scientific and unique traditional techniques for five years, without adding any aroma and flavour ingredients. No wonder the liquor has such a complex flavour, subtle and refined bouquet, robust body, long finish, and lingering aroma.

In brief, its bouquet is a blend of nine fragrances including; liquor, fruits, botanicals and nuts.This muli-faceted aroma owes its presence to the ancient and natural solid-state fermentation process the liquor undergoes during production.

Purifying Filtration Session
Natural Fermentation Periods
Distillation Sessions


Explore Magical Moutai Moments

Explore Magical Moutai Moments

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